Can’t Paste and Taskbar is Missing!

Your computer can copy the files but you can’t paste it in your document or in any folder that you’ve already have or create a new one and even the taskbar is missing. Taskbar missing can’t be retrieve by unhidden the  program or terminating ‘explorer.exe’ in the Task Manager and run it again. Checkout your ‘msconfig’ and on ‘Services’ you can see that almost all Microsoft program services are being ‘Stopped’ and when you trying to run or start the program by opening your computer manager (Right click ‘My Computer’ on the desktop – Choose ‘Manager’) Click on the ‘Services’ – there no function or its been hide. I’m not sure what kind of virus did this and I didn’t found any solution on the internet (That are success..). This thing are happening to one of my customer computer and I need to solve this as fast as I can.

I’ve already did so many solution that been suggest from my friends and blogger / programmer (from the website) and non of it is working.
Combofix (with safe mode and without safe mode) – nothing happened.
rKill (with safe mode and without safe mode) – nothing happened.
Kapersky Rescue Disc 10 – nothing happen.
Change administrator to user or user to administrator (cuz some of them said that probably because your using the computer as the user not admin that why you can’t copy and paste) – Oh well, nothing happened also.
Flash disinfect – nothing happened.

NOTHING HAPPENED or CHANGE –> All that you can do is formatting your hard disk.

BUT 1st!

Back-up all your important files.
♦ Select all the files that you needed, right-click on the files and choose – ‘Add to archive.. or Add to Folder.rar’
♦ ‘Add to archive…’ – Choose to put it in your removable drive or if you ‘Add to Folder.rar’ – Extract the files to your removable drive.

Only this solved my issues. Hope that this post will help you.


Komen >

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