Online Game : Candy Crush Saga + etc

Theres really nothing that I can do here in da office from 9:00am until now. LOL
In another half and hour, I can go back home and continue do nothing. Sigh~

What did I do for today –> Finish few pages of Sudoku (a puzzle game) after getting bored solving with the numbers then open my facebook just to play candy crush again.

Finish all level with 3 stars then stuck waiting someone to approve my request to unlock a new level.

Level 112

*click the picture to view the full size*

Hmm.patut cari kerja yang bersesuaian dengan aku!

No improvement, no experience, gain nothing here~


improve in playing games! LOL~

Ughhhhh……so damn bored!!

Anyone? Anybody? Want to offer me a job? I’m a computer technician. ☻☺


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